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I'm an aging computer geek who wanted to balance my karma as a Gramps user.

After posting to the Gramps-User maillist & doing some proofreader edits of the wiki, I fell into the MediaWiki abyss. It seemed that every page I wanted to create (or expand) required tweaking a multitude of linked pages. Or I needed to build base reference pages that could be linked before the page grew excessively detailed and pedantic. I'm still clawing myself out of that abyss. -Brian

My preferred eMail account name is emYOUlation and is on mail system. (Yes, it was a deliberate mispelling of emulation. This had been intended to be a SPAM CatchAll account.)

My growing Wiki ToDo list:

Special Interests

    interesting article on Localization & Internationalization for Word Press

Outstanding small targets

  see Objectification of the Gramps glossary 

Pages to expand

  Filters, Tags, output formats, icons and iconsets

Pages to link

🚧 Work In Progress

This wikipage is an outline from a template being roughed in. Please don't edit just yet. Instead, contribute suggestions on the Discussion page.

This page is not planned be linked to a public page until about 22 October 2021.

If this notice remains after that date, please feel welcome to remove this notice and consider the content 'fair game' for unlimited editing.

Reference pages