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This topic needs drastic expansion. I hope some of the topic pages exist in various forms. But Translators & users of Gramps in another language will be more aware of them. 

(Most pages found so far seem to be written for scripting experts. I hope to keep this page at a less intimidating level. Link to technical process pages, don't make THIS introductory level page into something overwhelming.)

Expect the English base page to be very fluid for October while the material is collated. It might not be wise to begin translating until the Stub warning is removed (before 1 Dec 2019).

Using Gramps in my native Language

Installing, learning and using Gramps is already challenging. If you wish to do that in a language other English, there are a few things to explore.

Which Languages?

Your first question is probably if the Gramps supports your preferred language? But the answer is not simple. Parts of the interface might have been translated but there are sure to be items that were missed or addon modules that are still untranslated.

Since the Wiki is huge and some pages are obsolete, there will always be pages (and screenshots) that are only available in English.

The 'enabled' user manual

Pages of the wiki are linked from within Gramps using the F1 key (which opens this manual in a browser window), clicking a Help button, or from the help menu. These shortcut enable user to find the right documentation more efficiently.

Status of enabled and not enabled manual translations.

Teaching an English Gramps installation another language

The recommended method of setting up support for a language is to install Gramps on a system already configured for that language. The installers adapt to supported languages an select the basic configuration as needed. But sometimes it is necessary to support an additional language.

  • Installing a language overlay
  • Adding the spell-check dictionary
  • Setting the default language
  • Starting in an alternate language from the command line

Important pages on the Wiki

Advanced topics


Reinterpreted material is likely to have unfortunate, or even offensive, translation errors. Please recognize this with good humor but also report it to the WikiContributor for your language. A suggestion for the corrected text is more helpful than a simple complaint.

The Gramps Wiki documentation is a community project. If you notice that documentation is: outdated, incomplete, entirely missing, or not yet translated into your native language; request a WikiContributor account and help us improve! Or join our volunteers translating the wiki or interface.

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