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This page is based on a similar page in the MediaWiki -- the tool that drives the Gramps online documentation. The references below are about tweaks to using this tool when documenting Gramps. For basic concepts about becoming a competent MediaWiki author, the developer site will have the best information.


The Gramps Wiki documentation is a community project. If you notice that documentation is: outdated, incomplete, entirely missing, or not yet translated into your native language; request a WikiContributor account and help us improve!

If you haven't received confirmation that an account has been created within a few days, send a message to the webmaster. Please be patient... this is purely a volunteer-in-your-free-time operation.

For those seeking help organizing their genealogy research with Gramps or development of Gramps tools, an almost overwhelming amount of information is available online... but it can be difficult to locate.

Start by using the search box in the left sidebar or by searching the maillist archives linked on the Gramps community contacts page.

General Wiki help

Basic WikiContributor references
New WikiContributor "Onboarding Survey" template
Editing pages
Starting a new page
Wikipedia:Manual of Style (generic)
Documentation Typographical Conventions - examples describing menus, buttons and hotkeys of the GUI; adding boxes for Hints, Examples & Warnings
Formatting - styling basic text & paragraphs
Linkable terms in the Gramps Glossary
reuseable latin abbreviations in the Genealogy Glossary
List of known Categories
Tagging a Page with a Category
Tagging a Page with a Category:Deletion request
Adding Content other beyond Text
Icon template
Icon (sm-med-lg) sets
Citations - inserting citations and requesting citations for contested information
Internationalization, Localization & Translations
Translating the Gramps User manual
Translating team and policy
Portal:Translators - Status report on Gramps program translations
Advanced Editing (Wiki)
Managing files
Magic words
Collections of Pages for Documentation and Gramps programming Contributors
Collection of Developer categories
Gramps-Project on GitHub - List of required/recommended/optional packages for Gramps and add-ons
Code Documentation Table of Contents - API in Sphinx
Image resources
MediaWiki Help
MediaWiki add-ons currently installed in the
SpecialPages - including tools to List orphaned and uncategorized pages

Gramps wiki specifics

Copyright provisions for articles
Copyright tags for images
Advanced Editing
Installed extension modules
Custom templates in Gramps Wiki
Custom pretty templates in Gramps Wiki