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Hi, I really try to edit only 5.0 User Guide and I don't understand why I made editing in 4.2 :-) Too hot summer in Finland??

A question. In Person Navigation page says "To make the currently selected parents the active family (thereby making father the Active Person and mother the selected spouse), click the right-arrow button to the right of the active person's parents box. Alternatively, right-click into the active person's parents box and select Make the selected parents the active family item from the context menu." I don't find this "right-arrow button" and that is why didn't translate this paragraph. Give me a hint!

In "Search" chapter is small guiding thing missing. When you open a view (eg. Persons), before you start writing his surname for Search, you must choose a person on the view. Otherwise the list is not "active" and writing does not find next person in the view. May you add this to English guide?


Pekka (aka Peter)