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Preferences: link ISO language, at GUI option controls
[[File:PlaceCleanupPref.png|thumb|left|44px|Preferences icon]][[File:PlaceCleanupPrefDialog.png|thumb|right|350px|Place Cleanup Gramplet - Preferences]]
The Gramplet Preferences is accessed via the Preferences button (located in the top right of the main view of the Gramplet, next to the Title field). The button should appear in the far upper right of the Gramplet.
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The preferences dialog has the following settings:
* &#x2611;{{checkbox|0man label|Keep Web Links}} checkbox. The GeoNames database contains various URL links to other web data, associated with each place. For example, many places have a Wikipedia link. If you check this setting, the Gramplet will save these web links with the place data. They will appear in the 'Internet' tab of the Place Edit dialog.* &#x2611;{{checkbox|0man label|Add citation and source to Place}} checkbox. If you check this setting, a Citation will be added to each place, citing the 'GeoNames' Source and Repository, with the Citation having a 'Volume/Page:' value with the GeoNames ID number. There will be a Citation for each Place, but only a single Source and Repository.
* {{man label|GeoNames User ID}} field. This contains the necessary GeoNames user ID. You can sign up for the ID at the following link: [|].
* {{man label|Alternative Names Languages to keep}} field. This contains a space separated list of the [ ISO-639 -1] 2-letter language code; (: <code><abbr title="English">en,</abbr> <abbr title="Deutsch">de,</abbr> <abbr title="français">fr,</abbr> <abbr title="Italiano">it,</abbr> <abbr title="Español">es</abbr></code>,...)et cetera. As you work with the Gramplet, you will see a list of alternate names available for most places, with the language code for the names. If you want these names automatically checked off for inclusion in your Gramps place, add the code to this field.
* Currently Enclosed Places. When you use the {{man button|Ok}} button after selecting a GeoNames place, the Gramplet may have to deal with a place enclosure. If you are modifying a current place, and your place is already 'Enclosed by' another place the Gramplet has two choices on how to handle changes to the enclosure.
** &#x1F53E; {{man label|[[File:RadioButton_Selected.png|21px]]Keep current Enclosure}} [ radio button selector.] If you select this setting, and your place is already 'Enclosed by' another place, then no changes to the 'Enclosed by' place value will be made, even if your current enclosing place differs from that provided by the GeoNames data.
**: If there is no 'Enclosed by' place value, and the GeoNames data has an enclosing place, then one will be created, and selected for approval.
** &#x25C9; {{man label|[[File:RadioButton_Deselected.png|21px]]Replace with GeoNames Enclosure}} [ radio button selector.] If you select this setting, and your place is already 'Enclosed by' another place, then the current enclosure is replaced by the enclosing place from the GeoNames data. If it did not exist before this, it will then be created, and selected for approval.
**: While this ensures that the enclosure matches GeoNames, it is possible that the previous enclosing place will no longer be used, and will remain in your database.

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