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=== GeoNames account prerequisite ===
[[File:GeoNamesFreeWebServices.png|thumb|right|250px|Add free WebServices at the Login screen]] The first time you attempt a search, you will be reminded to obtain and set a GeoNames user ID, which is required for use of their data. You can sign up for the ID at the following link: [].
Once The account signup requires responding to a confirmation eMail. Just having a basic GeoNames account isn't quite enough. The Gramplet needs to access to the Web Services. Return to the login screen once you have an ID've validated your account, you should set it into then enable the Free Web Services by clicking the link in the section of their login screen. It is shown in the Gramplet via screen capture to the Preferences button, see belowright.
Once you've logged into the GeoNames website, requests from Gramps on the same machine will be part of the same session. If the session log-in expires or you exceed the number of requests allowed in a day, the Gramplet will report failing to find matches for placenames being searched. If a suspiciously high number of failures occurs, try logging in again.
Once you have an ID, you should set it into the Gramplet via the Preferences button, see below.
== Preferences ==

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