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Gramps and GEDCOM

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Linked Wikipedia definition of Schema Crosswalk
Although Gramps should be able to import most data from GEDCOM through its GEDCOM Import module, many of the Gramps features are not supported by the GEDCOM standard and so GEDCOM Export from a Gramps Family Tree or Gramps XML is a '''lossy''' operation.
{{man tip|Gramps state of the GEDCOM art|
[[Import_from_another_genealogy_program#Standard_GEDCOM_as_transfer_tool|GEDCOM has become the de facto standard]] for [ schema crosswalking ] the family history data between programs. Because dialects arise for each program that writes GEDCOM files, we openly document where that additional layer of data loss occurs.
The 2018 revision of a blog article by Keith Riggle is a frank evaluation of GEDCOM dialect issues between [[Import_from_another_genealogy_program#Family_Tree_Maker|Gramps & Family Tree Maker]].}}

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