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[[Gramps_Glossary#gramplet|Gramplet]] to show [ pedigree collapse] and spousal [[Genealogy_Glossary#consanguinity|consanguinity]] for the [[Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]].
<!--Detach (undock) the gramplet by dragging its titlebar off the sidebar to the main window of Gramps. Then arrange the undocked gramplet dialog where it won't interfere with seeing the view's data.-->
=== How to add new Family with a known spouse ===
In the example.gramps tree, we want to add a cousin as a spouse to Barry Joseph Garner. To match these illustrations, we will use his 3rd cousin once removed, April Lynn Vázquez.
# Switch to the {{icon|peop}}People View via the navigator bar
# find the known person (in this example, April Lynn Vázquez)
# select the row
# copy (which brings up the Gramps Clipboard copies the selected object to it)
# find the other spouse (in this example, Barry Joseph Garner
# select the row
# Switch to the {{icon|rela}}Relationships View via the navigator bar
# click Add a new family toolbar button
# drag April from the Clipboard to the Mother/partner2 spot
# click the {{man button|OK}} button to finalize the new family in the tree
[[File:ConsanguinityDiagram.png|thumb|right|270px|Fig. {{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Consanguinity diagram window (click a Relationship hotlink)]]
The hotlinks on the names of People will navigate the focus of Active Person selection to that person.
=== The Relationship diagram ===
Clicking the described {{man label|Relationship}} will open a block diagram of that instance of pedigree collapse and how it relates to the Active Person.
In the example ''shown in Figure 1'', Piatt Warner's great grandparents (Edward Warner and Mary Molly Anderson have the {{man label|Relationship:}} '''''second cousins once removed (down)''''' who are descended from the common ancestors, Edward Christiansen and Elizabeth Thomas. Clicking that relationship description opens a basic chart ''(shown in Figure 2)'' of their common ancestors and Piatt's relationship through them.  === The Pedigree list ===Clicking the {{man button|Display pedigrees}} button opens a tabbed window with ahnenlist numbered pedigree. The other tab contains the ahnenlist numbered pedigree of the Active Person's spouse(s). Each list will only show a person '''''once''''', regardless of how much pedigree collapse exists for the Person in the #1 spot on that pedigree. Clicking the {{man button|Copy}} button copies the text to the OS clipboard.  A text list is more actionable when sharing with family and other genealogists than a diagram. A diagram makes understanding the relationship and easier. But a list can be transcribed into a form or another program more easily.  An example of Piatt's relationship pedigree is shown in Figure 3. You will notice that the the lines for ancestors 152 and 153 are marked as being the same as ancestors 68 and 69 (Edward Christiansen and Elizabeth Thomas). This is where there is pedigree collapse for Piatt. The rest of the list will crop out the ancestors of 152 and 153 because they too are duplicated.  But which children were the siblings? Just divide the ancestor number by 2 to themget the number of their child. Half of 152 is 76 (Nathanial Christiansen) and half of 68 is 34 (off-screen in Figure 3 but this is Joseph Christiansen).
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Paste the raw '''[[:Category:Tutorials|Tutorials]]''' outline for the '''[[:Category:How_do_I...|How Do I...]]''' article above the '''See also''' section. This might start with pasting in a copy of a useful thread from one of the Gramps maillists.
Saving this file as a 'work in progress' will insert the code behind this reference template. (Preview only show the results, not the markup formatting control.) You can use the appended special formatting example template to pre-populate a virtual Copy&amp;Paste clipboard. Snip pieces to paste special formatting to enhance the outline.
Adding a ''feature documentation'' link pointing to the introduction of the interface element in the wiki will relieve you of the burden explaining how to find the feature.
Finding a ''[[Gramps_Glossary|Gramps Glossary]] term'' to link may be easier than choosing the best introductory section in the wiki.
<small>&#91;&#91;Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]]
&#91;&#91;Gramps_Glossary#P|Primary Object]]</small>
Glossary terms (like [[Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]] above) are normally lowercase and use an underscore between words. They have a brief description and may already have the introductory text and practical tutorial linked. You can fall back to the Letter index (like using '[[Gramps_Glossary#P|P]]' with [[Gramps_Glossary#P|Primary Object]] above) if you don't know the exact entry.
Since most of these ''How do I...'' tutorials are likely to have been prompted by a MailList discussion, a set of example 'See also' link are included for reference.
Pointing the ''maillist archived thread'' link to the original message that inspired the tutorial give proper credit for the idea &amp; reveals the background discussion.
Pointing another link to a good search phrase for the archive allows similar discussions to be explored.
Once the tutorial Preview is satisfactory, save a revision of the document. Then clean out the virtual Copy&amp;Paste clipboard cluttering up your tutorial and save a final revision.
To remove the virtual Copy&amp;Paste clipboard, simply delete everything from the beginning of this section to the bottom of the document. It is all disposable.
If the Copy&amp;Paste clipboard is needed again, simply paste the following line at the end of the Edit box, Save a revision, &amp; edit again.(Previewing isn't enough... a revision must be saved.)
<pre> {{subst:Template:How_do_I}}</pre>
Other wiki [[:Category:Templates|Templates]] can be used as virtual Copy&amp;Paste clipboards in the same way.
[[Write_a_%22How_Do_I...%22_Article|Writing a 'How do I...' article.]]
{{subst:Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Preface}}
== (Section) ==
Stub, english (''default'')
Stub, french
=== Embeddable Snippets (Subsection) ===
: {{icon|gram}} Dashboard
: {{icon|peop}} People
: {{icon|rela}} Relationships
: {{icon|fami}} Family Families
: {{icon|ance}} Charts
: {{icon|even}} Events
: {{icon|plac}} Places
: {{icon|geog}} Geography
: {{icon|sour34}} Sources
: {{icon|cite}} Citations
: {{icon|repo}} Repositories
: {{icon|medi}} Media
: {{icon|note}} Notes
:[[Template:Icon/doc|more of the standard icons]]
|+ List object tools
! style="width: 70px"|
! style="width: 70px"|
! style="width: 70px"|
! style="width: 70px"|
! style="width: 70px"|
! style="width: 70px"|
! Add
! Share
! Edit
! Remove
! <small>Move<br /></small>Upwards
! Move<br />Downwards
==== [[Help:Formatting|Text formatting]] (Level 2 Subsection) ====
''italic'', '''bold''', '''''bold & italic'''''
===== [[Help:Images#Uploaded_files|How to Add Images to a Gramps WikiMedia Article]] (Level 3 Subsection) =====
[[File:ChartsCategory-desendantfan-fullcircle-9gen-default-50.png|thumb|right|450px|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} A screenshot caption]]
====== Annotations of User Activities (Level 4 Subsection) ======
*<pre>Commands you type at the command line</pre>
*''Filenames'' or <code>Filenames</code>
*<tt>''Replaceable text''</tt>
*{{man label|Labels}} for buttons and other portions of the graphical interface
*{{man tooltip|hint text}} for roll-over tooltip hints that identify elements of the graphical interface
*Menu selections look like this: {{Man menu|Menu &#x27a1; Submenu &#x25B6; Menu Item}} (always pad unicode symbols like these arrows with spaces so that robot translators see recognizable words) Gramplet selection menus {{man button|&or;}} (''Down Arrowhead'' button)
* Pop-up menu down {{man button|&#x25BC;}} arrowhead, (triangle) button
*{{man button|Buttons}} you can click
*{{Man key press|CTRL|D}} see [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Keybindings|Keybindings]] for a list of keyboard combinations used in Gramps.
*<tt>Anything you type in</tt>
*{{checkbox|1|Checked}} - [[Template:Checkbox|Selected Checkbox]] &#x2611; template
*{{checkbox|0|Unchecked}} - Checkbox that is &#x274f; unselected
*[[File:RadioButton_Selected.png|21px]] - Radio button that is ◉ selected
*[[File:RadioButton_Deselected.png|21px]] - Radio button that is &#128280; deselected
== Boxed annotations ==
{{man tip| 1=Title of Tip |2=Tips text.}}
{{man note|Example Note |Notes text.}}
{{man warn|1=WarningTitle/Heading |2=warning text }}</onlyinclude>

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