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Addon:Consanguinity Gramplet

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Explore the common ancestry
=== Explore the common ancestry ===
Add the Consanguinity gramplet to the Relationships view sidebar as described in the [[#Usage|Usage]] section above. Resize the width the sidebar so that the contents fit comfortably.<!--Detach (undock) the gramplet by dragging its titlebar off the sidebar to the main window of Gramps. Then arrange the undocked gramplet dialog where it wont won't interfere with seeing the view's data.-->
Since ''Piatt D. Warner '' is the Active Person, the contents of the Gramps Consanguinity gramplet will be in the '''Single Pane''' mode and look something like the following section. (Although the gramplet will have hotlinked People and Relationship. The text below was created by clicking the {{man button|Copy}} button and pasting it into this article.)
Warner, Piatt D. (*9 Apr 1821, +11 Oct 1889)

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