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== Example ==
The sample tree included with Gramps does not have any includes a few instances of Pedigree Collapse. So to do reproduce this diagram, import the [[Example.gramps|example.gramps]] file to a new tree.
=== How to add new Family with a known spouse ===
In the example.gramps tree, we want to add a cousin as a spouse to Barry Joseph Garner. To match these illustrations, we will use his 3rd cousin once removed, April Lynn Vázquez.
# drag April from the Clipboard to the Mother/partner2 spot
# click the {{man button|OK}} button to finalize the new family in the tree
=== Explore the common ancestry ===
Add the Consanguinity gramplet to the Relationships view sidebar as described in the [[#Usage|Usage]] section above. Detach (undock) the gramplet by dragging its titlebar off the sidebar to the main window of Gramps. Then arrange the undocked gramplet dialog where it wont interfere with seeing the view's data.
Since Barry Joseph Garner Piatt D. Warner is the Active Person, the contents of the Gramps will look something like the following section. (Although it the gramplet will have hotlinked People and Relationship. The text below was created by clicking the {{man button|Copy}} button and pasting it into this article.)
GarnerWarner, Barry Joseph Piatt D. (*14 Dec 19489 Apr 1821, +11 Oct 1889)
Pedigree collapse for active person
Pedigree collapse at parentsgreat grandparents: GarnerWarner, Howard Lane Edward (*9 Jul 19286 Jan 1713, +27 Sep 1776) MarínAnderson, Mary Anne Molly (*13 Jan 19271719, +20 Apr 1795) Relationship: third second cousins once removed (down)
Common ancestors:
HowellChristiansen, JohnEdward (*1607, +1684) YatesThomas, Elizabeth (*1620, Sarah+1713)
Relationships between active person and partners
Partner: VázquezFox, April Lynn Julia Colville (*17 Sep 196325 Dec 1823, +12 Feb 1904) No common Relationship: fifth cousins once removed (down) Common ancestors found.: Christiansen, Edward (*1607, +1684) Thomas, Elizabeth (*1620, +1713) Relationship: fifth cousins Common ancestors: Christiansen, Nathaniel (*15 May 1642, +21 Nov 1713) Grenier, Mary (*about 1638, +12 Jul 1703)</pre>
The hotlinks on the names of People will navigate the Active Person selection to that person.
== See also ==
* [ Consanguinity source code] in Hans Boldt's GitHub repository

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