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Addon:Consanguinity Gramplet

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== See also ==*Feature documentation:[[Start_with_GenealogyGramps_Glossary#gramplet|Start with GenealogyGramplet]]to show pedigree collapse and spousal consanguinity for active person.  <pre>Garner, Barry Joseph (*14 Dec 1948)
*[[Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]] Gramps Glossary definitionPedigree collapse for active person
Pedigree collapse at parents: Garner, Howard Lane (*9 Jul 1928) Marín, Mary Anne (*based on the [ Gramps-users] archived threads13 Jan 1927) Relationship:third cousins once removed (down) Common ancestors:[ The Group As name override] :[ unify similar surmanes &#91;sic&#93; thread] Howell, John:[ threads with "Group As name"] Yates, Sarah
Relationships between active person and partners
Partner: Vázquez, April Lynn (*17 Sep 1963)
No common ancestors found.</pre>
== See also ==
* [ Consanguinity source code] in Hans Boldt's GitHub repository
* [[Addon:RelatedRelativesGramplet|Related Relatives Gramplet]] - Display all persons in the database with a relation to a relative. A Gramplet by Heinz Brinker
*[[Gramps_Glossary#gramplet|Gramplet]] Gramps Glossary definition
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