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Main view: different examples that don't have so much baggage (Berlin taking over Paris? chose example less historically sensitive.)
== Main view ==
{{man warn|Use some caution when changing the Title field|The place data found and pushed to update the Place view will depend on the contents of this field. If you change it in inappropriate ways, you could end up with mismatched place data. <br />For example, if the originally active record in the Place view is "Berlín, Usulután", and you manually type in a Place title of "Berlin, Germany" to search, when you find ''and accept'' the Berlin place, your originally selected Place view record for the municipality in El Salvador will be changed to Europe!}}[[File:PlaceCleanupFind.png|thumb|right|350px|Place Cleanup - finding a particular place title]]
The Main view has several buttons, a 'Title' field, a small 'xx Matches' status, and a 'Choices' or match results list.
* {{man label|Title}} field. This field shows the Place that is currently under investigation. It provides the search terms that are used for finding a place. It changes automatically to the place title when the Gramps Place view has an active selection. The field can also be modified by the user, just set the cursor in it and edit as normal. This is generally only needed when trying to find a place in GeoNames that might have unexpected abbreviations, or historical hierarchy or other issues which can make finding a match in the GeoNames database difficult.{{man note|NOTE|Changing the Title field should be done with some caution(As an example, your Gramps place hierarchy has "west berliner, west germany". The places found will depend on the contents of this fieldThere are no matches and you wonder if GeoNames only has post-unification names. If Then you change in inappropriate ways, you could end up notice that there is a typographical error with incorrect place dataa trailing 'er'. For Example, if the original place is "Paris, France", and So you change the field it to successfully search for "Berlinwest berlin, Germanywest germany", when you find and accept the Berlin place, your original place will get changed to Berlininstead of that elusive donut.}})
* {{man label|Matches}} status. This small status block is located on the left side of the Gramplet, just below the 'Title' label. It indicates the number of matching places found when searching the local Places list or the GeoNames database. The status also indicates where the matches were found, either 'Local', or 'GeoNames'.
* {{man label|Search result places}} list. This area lists the found matches. The user should select the correct match for the place under investigation, and either press the {{man button|Select}} or double-click, press 'Enter' or 'Space' to move to the result/edit screen.

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