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Addon:Graphical Reports

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There are three reports in this group of reports. All sample reports that are shown are ran off of the example data and '''I07 Smith, Gustaf Sr.''' as the center person/family.
=== The Replace tab ===
* Note that this tab is only available in the Descendant reports.
Since all of the columns are the same width, the single longest line within the report dictates the entire width of the report. As such, I have added this feature to help ''replace'' long lines with something smaller. Examples of use are:<br /pre>"<br />Heard Island and McDonald Islands/HMD<br />Democratic People's Republic of Korea/PRK<br />South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands/SGS<br />The Democratic Republic of Congo/COD<br />United States of America/USA<br />"<br /pre>
This also works great on removing/abbreviating long town, county, or state names.

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