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Addon:Graphical Reports

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== Ancestoral Report ==
[[ImageFile:Ancestor_chartGraphical-reports-ancestor-tree-sample-pdf-output-41.png|thumb|Sample Ancestoral chart]]
This report contains extensions to the current Ancestor report that is available. The updates are:
#Able to print empty boxes where missing ancestors are
##You can print the date by using '$T' in the note.
<br />{{-}}
=== The Replace tab ===
* Note that this tab is only available in the Descendant reports.
This also works great on removing/abbreviating long town, county, or state names.
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=== The Notes tab ===
This tab helps you to display a personalized note somewhere on the report. The options are whether to print a note, what to print, and where to print in (corners only at this time). The '$T' variable will now print the date.

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