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Not for all versions of Gramps

Released for Gramps 5.1.x only. This documentation is derived from the Synchronize with Gramps section of the Gramps Web User Guide. Their page should be considered the definitive reference.

Gramps Web Sync

Gramps Web Sync is an addon for Gramps that allows to synchronize your Gramps database on your desktop computer with Gramps Web, including media files.

Purpose of this tool

This tool was specifically written to harmonize the tree data between a Gramps Web instance and a Gramps Desktop instance.

Make no mistake, maintaining synchronization is hard! And this tool is not magic, it does not make the process simple but it is easier than the alternatives.


The addon requires a Gramps Web account with owner privileges, Gramps 5.1 running on Python 3.7 or newer.

The tool can be installed like any other version 5.1 Addon tool; see Installing Addons in Gramps. Specifically, the GrampsWebSync.addon.tgz archive download is available for manual installation or via the Third party addons management section of the Edit ➡ Preferences of the Gramps Desktop.

There is no installation (or user interface options) on the Gramps Web side because it communicates directly with that webservice's native restful API.


Once installed, it is run by using the Tools -> Family Tree Processing -> Gramps Web Sync....

Running Gramps Web Sync

Batch Tool warning

The tool will start with an 'Undo history warning' that suggest that you back up your work.

You are then presented with the Synchronization Assistant dialog will the stages of Synchronization. The first tab introduces the process.

See the Synchronize with Gramps' page on the Gramps Web User Guide for further instructions.

Account Login Settings


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