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The next version 3.0 of GRAMPS was a major release. The 2.2.x code is now in bug-fix only mode.

Towards 3.0

Development of version 3.0 is well under way. There were many people that have contributed to the suggestion of a feature, discussion of the implementation, and testing. Not everyone can be listed here, but this list could not be made without the support of the GRAMPS community. Only the lead developer(s) is listed next to a feature, but thanks to all!

Main Features

  • New directory based database format - completed-Alex,Don
  • Integrated revision control - completed-Don
  • Fast automatic backup/recovery system - completed-Don
  • New interface to the data: Use of a Family Tree manager - completed-Don
  • Mark-up in notes: use bold, italics, ... in the notes - completed-Zsolt
  • An Undo feature ? TODO (no reason to wait with 3.0)
  • Presentation with mark up in some reports ? TODO
  • Multiple Shared Notes: every object can have several separate notes - completed-Alex,Don,...
    • critical bug #1318 - completed-Benny Bug 1318
    • add check/repair functions - TODO
    • remove internal note of 2.2.x branch - in progress-Benny
  • new GEDCOM parser (import/export) - in progress-Don
    • Minor 5.5.1 updates needed.
  • Export to spreadsheet/CSV of views - completed-Don
    • could be used with CSV import if more options in displayed columns
  • Use of GtkPrint for direct printing - in progress-Zsolt
  • Simplified database access/Simplified document classes - completed-Don
  • XML feature parity with database format - in progress-Benny
  • Quick reports + infrastructure - completed-Don,Benny
  • Improved Relationship Calculation
    • more relationship details, faster, all relationships, new translation API - completed-Benny
  • New API for events that have start/stop and sequence in time (series of marriages) - TODO

Other Features

  • Reworked icons - completed-Benny
  • Reworked API for plugins - in design-Brian,Doug,Benny
  • Reworked reports
    • New Menu Options for reports - in progress-Brian,Doug
      • refactored for OOP - completed-Doug
      • used in CLI
      • convert all reports - TODO
      • read in saved options - TODO
    • Standardize and simplify output formats as much as possible
    • New gtk-based Print and preview - in progress
    • Add the notes - in progress
    • Unify GraphViz based reports - in progress (Brian M)
    • New type of report output, to screen - in progress-Doug
  • New reports
    • Familylines - completed
    • Kinship report - completed
    • Hourglass - completed
    • mini reports available from person view (info, all events) - completed
    • Refined Calendar reports (first day of week, i18n, displayed names) - completed-Doug
    • WebCal, but needs to share code with other calendar-based reports - in progress-Doug
  • Move LDS temple info out of const.py and into an XML file - completed
  • Export assistant rewrite based on GtkAssistant - completed
    • rewrite of export options (on all exports, not only GEDCOM) - in progress
  • New Display Name format options (keywords, common name) - completed-Doug
    • No need for description - completed-Doug
  • New birth/death date estimator tool (adds CAL dates for primary events based on probably alive estimates) - first draft completed-Doug
  • Date comparisons in filters now works (supports ranges and about) - completed-Doug


  • Update online manual texts - in progress
    • Update online manual screenshots - in progress
  • Update tool-tips -


  • Develop unit testing framework - in progress-Jim .. see Unit Test Quickstart
  • Consistency review:
    • is everything consistent?
      • views
      • behavior
    • is there good feedback during processing?
      • any process that can take more than 2 seconds should have a msg box
      • any process that can take more than 10 seconds should have a progress box
      • any process that can take more than 60 seconds should have a cancel button on progress box
  • Quality review:
    • Has GRAMPS passed regression tests?
    • Has GRAMPS passed unit tests?
    • Does it perform adequately on the large test database?

General TODO list before final release

See TODO file in SVN.