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The Gramps Package backup only contains your family tree and (when the 'include media' backup option is selected) your media.

The following settings in Gramps are not transferred:

Custom Filter migration

Keep your collection of custom filters through a minor updates to patch Gramps (e.g., from version 5.1.0 to 5.1.2) by manually copying your custom_filter.xml from Gramps User Directory to the corresponding directory in new gramps_version_number.

Even minor upgrades with feature changes (e.g., from a 5.0.x to a 5.1.x version) may include XML format changes since the recent innovation of addon rules are causing rapid evolution in Filters. So porting filters in this manner requires verification that the XML definitions haven't changed. Also, Addon rules may have to be installed in the new upgrade before copied custom filters will work safely.

You can keep your custom settings by manually copying each of the *.xml files from the Gramps User Directory to the corresponding directory in the new gramps_version_number directory. Be aware that (due to changes in different versions of Gramps) the settings may no longer work. So be diligent that you test.


This is a Transclusion template. It inserts a Work-In-Progress chunk of text about information not included in Backups that are important when migrating data.

(Since the content was replicated several times on many pages thoughout the wiki, it makes sense to have a master copy that only needs to be edited once. Once the data is finalized, the Template can be permanently substituted via subclusion. Alternatively, a separate page may created and links could replace this transclusion.)


insert the following line on the page:

{{Template: Backup Omissions}}