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Addon:Life Line Chart View

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svgwrite requirement + configure options
* number of generations.
* relative line width.
* vertical and horizontal chart size.
* warping of the whole chart (normal grid, sine, triangle).
* show or hide pedigree collapse.
* shape and warp variants.
* label layoutunique line color or coloring based on surname.* coloringline fading represents the uncertainty of dates or the age.* or hide lables for birth, death, marriages* line weighting in (only descendant diagram).* optimizations (only ancestor diagram):** flip family to reduce the cross chart connection lengths.** vertical chart compression.* softness of the family shape.* vertical flipping of the whole chart.{{stub}}* show photos of the person on the line.* size of the photos.
=== Label Configuration ===
{{stub}}* birth and death label.** position.** rotation.** alignment.** word wrapping.** font name and size.* marriage label font size and name.
== Features ==
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot4-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a ancestor tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
* Overview map on the bottom left.
* The diagram can be exported as an SVG file using the {{man button|Save the Life Line Chart View}} button(not available using python 3.5).
* Layout optimization algorithms.
* Dark theme.
'''If the requirements for this addon have not already been installed you will be prompted to download them semi-automatically by selecting the {{man button|Download module}} button for each.'''
The addon is based on the python module [ life_line_chart]. This python module and is required. To enable SVG file export, the dependent module ([ svgwrite]) are is required(which has a minimum requirement of python 3.6).

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