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Addon:Life Line Chart View

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[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot3-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a larger ancestor tree (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
'''Life Line Chart View''' is an interactive {{icon|ance}} {{man label|Charts}} category view addon which shows individuals as lines in an ancestor or descendant chart. The length and position of the line depends on the actual life span and the marriages. The pedigree/ancestor collapse is addressed. Labels for birth / names, death, and marriages can be added.
The active person on the person tab is starting point in both charts. Birth/christening/baptism, death/burial, and marriage dates need to be available to properly draw this chart. If they are incomplete reasonable guess values are chosen if possible. If not, then these individuals are not shown

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