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: If you know that a particular country has a rigid (or even mostly rigid) hierarchical structure, and this addon seems to be getting it wrong a lot, please let the author know at paulr2787 at I can modify the code to make it work better if I understand the correct country structure.
* IDs: When GeoNames is the source of place data, the normal place ID ('P0001') is replaced by a GeoNames specific ID ('GEO12345'). The number portion of this ID is the GeoNames identifier for the place. By using this type of ID, the addon can easily identify when enclosing places are already present in your database, which means that the user doesn't have to do a local search for and selection of each level of enclosing place.
* GetGov, how does this interoperate with the data from GetGov? At this time it does not integrate with that data. If you already have places loaded from the [[Addon:GetGOV|GetGov]] addon, then the ID field will have a GovID. If you want to do a lookup with GeoNames for that place, you should probably set the Place Cleanup preferences for the enclosure to keep the current values. In addition, you should probably use the 'Orig' checkbox for the ID to keep the original Gov ID.
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