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Translating Gramps

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Updating your translation
Assuming you have obtained originally the Gramps source tree as explained in [[Brief introduction to Git]]. Now:
* Update your Gramps tree from Git. This can be done by executing the command <pre>git pull--rebase</pre> from the root Gramps directory. This will download an updated <code>gramps.pot</code> file.
* Use your outdated translation to translate the strings that did not change:<pre>msgmerge lang.po gramps.pot -o newlang.po</pre> or <pre>msgmerge --no-wrap lang.po gramps.pot -o newlang.po</pre> where <code>lang</code> is your language code. The <code>--no-wrap</code> option will prevent changes due to automatic word wrapping, use it if your previous po file was constructed like that. The <code>--no-wrap</code> options allows for more readable Git diffs.
* Check fuzzy messages and translate all untranslated messages in <code>newlang.po</code>. When you are sure everything is right, rename <code>newlang.po</code> as <code>lang.po</code> and check it into Git as you did with the original file.

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