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Gramps for Windows with MSYS2

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==Building and updating MSYS2/MinGW packages=====Install build tools===<pre>pacman -S --needed --noconfirm base-devel mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain</pre>[ MINGW-packages recipes] are on GitHub so you can use git to clone it. If instead you want to access recipe one by one you can download it with Subversion so install it first<pre>pacman -S subversion</pre>We need a place to download and build from source code so we will create folder called "build" inside our home folder<pre>mkdir ~/build</pre>===OsmGpsMap===As of 2017.03.21 package mingw-w64-osmgpsmap-git (r443.c24d08d-1) is outdated due to changes in MINGW-packages repository so Gramps GeoView will fail to work.</br>We will rebuild him!</br>Start '''msys2 shell''' (always build package recipes from msys2 shell)<pre>cd ~/buildsvn checkout mingw-w64-osmgpsmap-gitsed -i 's/patch -p1 -i/#patch -p1 -i/' PKGBUILDMINGW_INSTALLS=mingw64 makepkg-mingw -sLf</pre>When (If) package is successfully built install it with<pre>pacman -U mingw-w64-x86_64-osmgpsmap-git-r483.d275a5d-1-any.pkg.tar.xz</pre>

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