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* When the tool starts, it scans you data for families that need sorting. A progress bar appears so that with large databases Gramps doesn't seem to be frozen. This does not make '''any''' changes to your data, only performs the search and fills the panes if unsorted families are found. Families with children in birth order are not shown. If some children in a family don't have valid birth dates, but others are in order, the family is not shown.
* At this point the tool window with three main panes and some buttons should be visible.
** The top pane will contain a list of the results of the search. If nothing appears here, then none of your families have unsorted children. Selecting a family from this list updates the data in the lower panes. It is also possible to sort this list be for ID, Father, or Mother, using the header of the list.
** The lower left pane will show the original unmodified list of children with their birth dates, if any. This cannot be changed.
** The lower right pane will show the proposed changes to the children sort. If the user wants to make additional changes, they can be made directly in the pane. Adjusting the sort manually can be done by selecting a child and using either the {{man button|Up}} or {{man button|Down}} buttons below the pane. When you are satisfied with the changes, if any, you can use the {{man button|Accept}} button to save the proposed sort order to the database.

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