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Getting started with Gramps master

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Installing GRAMPS Trunk
* '''Unix-like systems''': follow the rest of this page.
The easiest method of getting the beta/trunk version is to download it from using the link at the bottom of the page called '''[ Download GNU tarball]'''. This is easy to download, it is the freshest code, and you will have to do a little more work. See [[Running a development version of Gramps]].
 '''To check if following is still current!'''Warning: you will not be able to load translations on /usr/local/share/locale, because you will load /usr/share/locale, which could be translations See [[Getting_started_with_GRAMPS_development#Run_GRAMPS_from_the_source|running Gramps from source]] for stable release (set on may generate a custom launcher by adding this line: export GRAMPSI18N=/usr/local/share/localeif you want details to use an other path, you may add this line: export [email protected]@/share/localeon current (source file) before installationmake the code work.
== Running parallel versions of trunk and branches ==

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