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Addon:Graphical Reports

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[[Image:Ancestor_chart.png|thumb|Sample Ancestoral chart]]
This report contains extensions to the current Ancestor report that is available. The updates are:
#Able to print the entire tree (prints blank empty boxes where missing ancestors are)
#can print spouses of the center person
#two separate displays(for fathers and mothers), and a display for marriage information (in a separate box).
#You can choose the display that Fathers, Mothers, the Center person and his/her spouses use
# two separate displays (one for direct descendants and the other for spouses), and a display for marriage information (in a separate box).
# able to bold direct descendants
# able to not print (remove) blank lines
# and able to replace text within the report.
== All reports ==
All of these three reports share the following tabs (and almost new features):
#The [[Graphical_Tr_Report|Tree Options tab]] contains the main options on how many columns of people will be shown
#The [[Graphical_Di_Report|Display tab]] shows the main display that will be used
#The [[Graphical_Se_Report|Secondary [display] tab]] shows secondary display that can/will be used
#The same [[Graphical_Pr_Report|print features]]
#Better display formatting!
##'{' and '}' now encapsulate areas that can be removed if all variables are unknown
##'-' at the start of a line will remove the line if all variables on the line are unknown
#Missing (unknown) information can now either display nothing or '_____'
#The option to include a personalized Note to the report.

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