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Linux Genealogy CD

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Obtaining the CD: only a single CD not plural and provide links to the actual cd on the stores
==Obtaining the CD==
The disk CD can be obtained via a number of ways:* Through The SourceForge, from [ the usual GRAMPS download page]* Centralized download. Thanks to the hosting opportunity kindly donated to usGRAMPS, the CD images can be downloaded via :** [ http], protocol.** [ ftp], or protocol.** rsync (rsync:// protocolsprotocol.
* BitTorrent download. Use these files to download and verify the CD image via BitTorrent: [ torrent file], [ its md5sum], and [ its gpg signature]. Please keep in mind that the torrent downloads are provided by a few kind souls from their personal computers and that the speed and the very availability of the torrents depends entirely on them.
* Purchase disksa CD. An alternative to downloading the CD image is by purchasing to purchase the physical CDsCD. The CDs are CD is currently available for purchase in [ ?cPath=21&products_id=38 Australia] and the [ the index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5 USA].

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