GEPS 006: New Prototype

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This page is intended to discuss a possible new design for hierarchical places.

Existing places are arranged into a hierarchical structure based on their main location.

The following fields define the hierarchy:

  • Street
  • Locality
  • Parish
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Country

The postal code is stored in a code field, available at every level of the hierarchy. This could be useful to store a country code, state abbreviation etc...

The phone number field has been discarded.

The main change to the user interface is a new place editor.

New Place Editor.png

Places in the hierarchy can be linked to a parent node by one or more PlaceRef objects. A PlaceRef consists of a handle pointing to the parent place, and a Gramps Date object which may be a date range.

The date field uses standard validation with a button to invoke the date editor.

The term "parent" used in the editors is too technical. Can we think of a more user-friendly alternative?

The selection of a parent place invokes the place selector. This has been converted into a hierarchy as in the earlier prototype.

New Place Selector.png

The place types are now defined in a GrampsType.