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GRAMPS is not designed to run on Microsoft Windows and should be regarded as experimental. Because it has been designed to use the multi-platform toolsets like Python and GTK, a few volunteers have created test installer packages that some users report to work without too many obvious issues. But this is not formally tested and you may find GRAMPS behavior on Windows to become suddenly unstable or subtly compromising your data over a period of time. And each new version may have errors different than the one before. So if you choose to use these under Windows please remember:

  • Work with a copy of your main database and keep regular backups in the GRAMPS XML format.
  • Do not recommend it to Windows users as a stable or usable genealogy application.
  • Join the GRAMPS Windows mailing list to share your experiences or if you are a developer able to contribute to a Windows port.


1. GRAMPS depends on the following software packages, we have had best results by installing the packages in the order below.

2. Re-boot the computer after installing the above dependencies, prior to installing GRAMPS.

3. gramps-2.2.6-1.exe -- (2.8 MB) GRAMPS one-click installer for Windows, with support for 20 languages. Note: The installer often complains that pygtk is not installed. Cancelling and re-running the installer seems to fix this problem.


At this time, there is no intent to package all the dependencies and the GRAMPS package into one installer. This creates a very complex coordination condition between GRAMPS and these other projects. It also means a a single 19 MB download every version change.

More discussion about this and other Windows issues can be found on the email list archive.