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What to do for a release

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What to do for a release

These notes are based on a 2.2.x-based release. Specifically, these are the notes that resulted from the release of 2.2.9 in October 2007:


  • announce the intent to release on the [email protected] mailing list; ask that no further changes be committed to svn
  • build what should be the last gramps.pot file:
cd po
make gramps.pot
  • commit the new gramps.pot file to svn
  • ask for all translators on [email protected] and [email protected] to update the .po files; plan to release about 1 to 2 weeks after this date
  • ask for translators to e-mail their .po files to you; not all translators have svn access; expect to spend a bit of time checking in .po files

Preparing the tarball

  • edit ChangeLog
  • edit NEWS to add a few lines
  • edit configure.in; change the following lines:
RELEASE=0.SVN$(svnversion -n .)
to instead say:
dnl RELEASE=0.SVN$(svnversion -n .)
  • run the following command:
make distcheck
  • note that you should now have the gramps-2.2.x.tar.gz file

Making the candidate build available

Make releasing on SourceForge site

  • note the names of previous releases
  • upload the tarball by anonymous ftp to ftp://upload.sourceforge.net/incoming/
  • access the Sourceforge "admin" tab at http://sourceforge.net/projects/gramps/
  • go to "File Releases"
  • add a new release in the "Stable" package
  • fill in name: a number such as 2.2.8 is the name for sourceforge site
  • enter release notes -- usually this is the new section of the NEWS file
  • add uploaded file(s) to the release by checking the appropriate check button and then clicking the "Add Files and/or Refresh View" button
  • set architecture and the file type, click "Update/Refresh"
  • send notifications to the sourceforge subscribers of gramps

Following the tarball release

  • announce on [email protected], as well as devel and user list
  • update news section on this wiki
  • change reference from old to new version on the Installation page

Update the version number

  • edit configure.in; increment the version number
  • make certain the RELEASE=1 line is back to dnl RELEASE=1
  • commit to svn

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