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The DNA gramplet is designed to create a graph of shared DNA segments. To specify shared segments between 2 people, create an Association for one person (Person A) with another Person (Person B) of the type DNA. Create a Note in the Association with the shared segment data. The format of the Note is a comma separated list in the order: Chromosome Number, Start Segment, End Segment, flag for maternal/paternal side, shared length in cMs.

The paternal/maternal flag should be

Flag Description
M Maternal side
P Paternal side
U Unknown side

Sites like GEDmatch make this shared chromosome data available. There can be additional Associations between Person A and Person C et cetera as known. A sample set of data in one Note is shown below.





Create an Association of type DNA as described in the Association page to Person A. Add a Note with the DNA shared segment data.


Save the Association.


Add more associations as known. Each would be associated to a different person and have a different Note.


Add the DNA gramplet to the Person view. Select the DNA tab. The segment map will be color coded by associated person. The P side is the top portion and the M side is the bottom portion for each chromosome. If the segment side is unknown, the segment will cover both the top and bottom portions of the chromosome and be 50% transparent.


Hovering the cursor over a known segment will pop up the name of the associated person and the length (in cMs) of the shared segment.


  • If the Chromosome Number is not in the range (1, 2, ..., 22, X) it is ignored.
  • If there is a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), that relationship is used instead of the maternal/paternal flag. If the MRCA is thru the maternal side, then M is used independent of what is in the data file. If there are multiple paths to a common ancestor, the closest found is used.
  • To create a segment map for Person A, you need to add associations to Person A. There is no reciprocal relationship for Person B - that is, there is no segment map for Person B, only for Person A. You can execute the Addon:SyncAssociation addon to create any missing reciprocal relationships.
  • Color code for each associated person in the map is consistent but not user-specified. The first Association will always be the same color.

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