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Dale Athanasias

Been practicing genealogy since October 2010 and have 3427 related individuals (20200530) entered into my Gramps Family Tree.

Useful Wikipedia references

Templates copied from wikipedia to improve the User manual

  • Template:Icon for Gramps Standard: Navigator:Categories eg: Dashboard Gramplets / People / Relationships / Family / Ancestry / Events / Places / Geography / Sources / Repositories / Media / Notes

Fix Addon/gramplets

Fix Addon/gramplets/Third-party_Plugins:

  • General the code for a number of addon is on other websites (see if it can be added to the gramps website / trust issues etc)
  • HeadlineNews - does not ignore < noinclude > text or handle {{ version }} templates (maybe that it grabs the html page before it has been created by the wiki?)
  • base on headline news?
  • Plugin Manager Gramplet (cannot parse a table)
  • QueryGramplet - does not work?
  • InformationGraph does it work with gramps3.3?
  • AttachSourceTool does it work? how do you use?