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Timeline Pedigree View - example display

The Timeline Pedigree View shows a pedigree and also the timeline for each person's life. The Timeline Pedigree View displays descendants as well as ancestors.


When a marriage does not have a date, then the actual marriage will not show as connecting lines on the view.
Just add a date to get the union to visible show.


  • 10058:TimelinePedigreeView - timeline view broken (Gramps 3.4.5)
  • 7405:TimelinePedigreeView - locked database and put me out of program (Gramps 3.4.2)
  • bug ??? : Function keys do not work on Gramps 4.x
    • The following keyboard commands work on the view
      • F2 : Display home person
      • F3 : Change style
      • F4 : Change direction
      • F6 : Show one more generation,
      • F5 : Show one less generation