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-- [[user:romjerome]]
-- [[user:romjerome]]
Well I found the webkit.py on my PC and moved it to the Gramps folder. Now I have the GoeView Prefrences Tab available.
But after a restart I've got a GRAMPS error..
Where shall I report the details?

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I tried to use this feature (Gramps 3.1.1 from SVN, Windows Vista, IE7) but:

- I do not have a data-views variable in keys.ini file. I did a manually copy, but it doesn't help to see the new tab for Geoview in Preferences.

- Is there any where a geoview.py for download??



Seems to me that you need an HTML kit for having GeoViewPreferences.png !

geoview.py for Gramps 3.1.1 should be on your /DataViews directory. Also is available there !

-- user:romjerome