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Talk:3.4 Addons

Hello, I have just recently started using GRAMPS and I am bumping my head once in a while. I thought I'd improve the documentation while the bruise is still fresh lest I forget the issue or lose the gumption to do anything about it. One small thing that cost me lots of time was trying to get an addon installed.

I was pleased I found the appropriate spots in the docs for my version 3.4 that seems to indicate that the addons should just be there. Right click and you'll see what is available. However, in my case, the original install did not include the census gramplet, and it was not added by an update cycle (yet?) due to the default settings of the preferences.

Reading the "Installing Addons in Gramps" page, it is clear what option are present, and what they might do, but it does not help one know how to set them to overcome certain issues or what the recommended settings are or provide and guidance.

I know how tedious it can be when the developer has to document their own work. Been there. You just wrote the thing and know exactly what it does. And it's all just so obvious that it's hard to know what to write.

In this particular case, I would like to add a paragraph similar to the following on the "Installing Addons in Gramps" page:

Missing gramplets

If the add-on you wish to use does not appear in the list of available items, try setting the preferences as follows and clicking the "Check now" button:

"Check for updates" - this can be any value. Unless you are waiting for some new feature, monthly is probably often enough.

"What to check" - set this to "New and updated addons" and it will check for all new and updated addons.

"Do not ask about previously notified addons" - uncheck it. You are having a problem so more information is better than less.

Now click the "Check now" button, then when it has completed it's check, stop and re-start GRAMPS to ensure it finds all the new things it may have downloaded.

After you get your gramplet working, you may/should reset these preferences to the values you want for normal operation. We recommend (provide recommended settings here - I don't trust my insight yet).

Carey (talk) 18:28, 4 February 2013 (MST)

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