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This page provides a gallery of available references for screenshots in different languages and versions. Could be used for documentation and illustration.

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Preferred naming scheme

Please refer to Translating the Gramps User manual#Translating which suggests a naming scheme, for example:

filename_{gramps version number}_{locale}.png

Where gramps version number is the first two digits of your gramps version and locale is your two letter language code.

See Image names used for wiki-documentation

Gramps manual version 2.

Some deprecated screenshots may be added on this list.
Also available for nl sk fr.

A command for nice screenshots using ImageMagick for Linux.

This creates a fully compressed (-quality 100), timed screenshot after 2 seconds (-delay 200) of size 500 pixels wide for printing on A4 page (-resize 500), with resolution 100 (-density 100x100), with the window frame attached (-frame) in RGB mode (-channel RGB) and bbp 24 (-depth 8). This creates images of 5 inches wide, which fit nicely on a book page, as well as on a HTML page.

import -quality 100 -trim -delay 200 -density 100x100 -frame -channel RGB -depth 8 screenshot.png

Image names used for wiki-documentation

See the current user manual image names.

Gramps Screenshots Gallery

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