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Gramps can produce many different types of reports and charts in a variety of output formats.

The following samples have been created in Gramps 5.2 using the example.gramps family tree included with Gramps and the default settings where ever possible.

Graphical Reports

  • Ancestor Tree - ancestors of a person in a graphical chart.
  • Calendar
  • Descendant Tree - descendants of a particular person.
  • Family Descendant Tree
  • Fan Chart - ancestors of a particular person in a semi-circular chart.
  • Statistics Chart - statistics of all people in the selected family tree.
  • Timeline Chart - plots the lifespan of the selected people in a graph.


These GraphViz diagrams are produced from a DOT file created by Gramps.

  • Family Lines Graph
  • Hourglass Graph
  • Relationship Graph

Text Reports

  • Ahnentafel Report - generational report starting at a selected individual.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Report
  • Complete Individual Report - summary of the information about a particular person.
  • Descendent Report
  • Detailed Ancestral Report
  • Detailed Descendant Report
  • End of Line Report
  • Family Group Report - tabular format report for a particular family.
  • Kinship Report
  • Tag Report
  • Number of Ancestors
  • Place Report
  • Records Report
  • Summary of the Database

Web Pages

  • Narrated Web Site
  • Web Calendar

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