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Graphical Reports

GRAMPS can produce several different types of graphical reports. Reports can be produced in PDF, SVG, PostScript, and other formats. Samples of some of the report types can be seen below.

  • The Timeline report produces a document that plots the lifespan of the selected people in a graph.
  • The Statistics Chart report displays graphical statistics of the selected people in the database.
  • The Descendant Graph displays a graph of the descendants of a particular person.
  • The Fan Chart displays the ancestors of a particular person in a semi-circular chart.
  • The Ancestor Chart displays the ancestors of a person in a graphical chart

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GraphViz Diagrams

These diagrams are produced by the supporting package GraphViz from a DOT file produced by GRAMPS.

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Text Reports

GRAMPS can produce text formats in a variety of formats. These formats include PDF, KWord, RTF, AbiWord, LaTeX, text and OpenOffice 1.1. Samples of some of the reports and some of the formats can be seen below.

  • The Individual Summary report displays a summary of the information about a particular person.
  • The Ahnentafel Report produces a generational report starting at a selected individual. The sample is in PDF format.
  • The Family Group report produces a tabular format report for a particular family. The sample is in AbiWord format.
  • The FTM Style Ancestor Report produces an ancestor report loosely based on a format produced by another genealogy program. The sample is in OpenOffice 1.1 format.