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* Beginning user
* Beginning user
* Expert user
* Expert user
* Example
== Rating (out of 4) ==
== Rating (out of 4) ==

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Plugin / Documentation

This is a link to documentation on this plugin. Users should read the documentation before installing any plugin.


There are a variety of types of plugins, including:

  • Report - adds a new output report
  • View - adds a new view to the list of views available
  • Gramplet - adds a new Gramplet to GRAMPS, which can be activated by right-clicking on the Gramplet View
  • Quickview - a view that you can run by right-clicking on object, or if a person quickview, then through the Quick View Gramplet
  • Website - output a static genealogy website based on your Gramps data


Every plugin listed below should have a Version number (so one can tell if and when it changes in the future).


A brief description of the plugin.

Written for GRAMPS

The version of GRAMPS the plugin was written for.


The Use indicates who might make the most out of the plugin. Common categories of users:

  • All
  • Developer
  • Beginning user
  • Expert user

Rating (out of 4)

The Rating should give an indication of the state of the plugin:

  • 0 Stars - initial version, basic framework defined, doesn't work correctly, please help
  • 1 Star - partially working with some functionality, but much more work is needed; needs testing
  • 2 Stars - about half done, works, but more work is needed for it to be complete; needs more testing
  • 3 Stars - some known issues, but mostly complete
  • 4 Stars - complete, works well, fully tested


Use this link to report issues, or give feedback to the author.


Use this link to download the plugin. See Third-party Plugins for more details on installing a plugin.