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There is some complex discussion about how the names system in GRAMPS can be improved in future versions. There is a bug: and an email thread:

This page tries to collect and organise the discussion.


Patronymic: Middle name: Plural last names:

Example names and explanations

  • Henri de Blier, son of Collard, sometimes referred to as Henri Collard de Blier
  • João Soares de Sousa
    • given name(s): João, middle name: Soares (first surname), surname: de Sousa (second surname)
  • Joe (the hitter) Silva de Souares
    • Given name: Joe, Nickname: The Hitter, Secondary surname: Silva, First surname: Souares, prefix to first surname: de


(every idea we have for now)

Option 1

[Given Names] [Middle Name(s)] [Family Name] Comments: (signed)

Option 2

[Given name] [Secondary Surnames] [Family Name] Comments: (signed)

Option 3

[Given Names][Family Name][Secondary Surnames] Comments: (signed)

Table of names

(to be populated once we have a proposed set of headings)