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Welcome to Gramps
Gramps is a Free Software Project for Genealogy, offering a professional-grade genealogy program, and a wiki open to all. It is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists.
The Gramps software

Gramps is a genealogy program for Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS and other UNIX-like systems. It helps you track your family tree by allowing you to store, edit, and research genealogical data. Learn more.

Genealogy pages

We provide the Genealogy section for publishing and sharing the tips, tricks, and best genealogical practices.

More information
  • This wiki currently has 2,353 contents pages.
  • Have you found a bug in Gramps? Please report it.
  • Are you interested in the thoughts of the core Gramps developers? Then read the blog.
  • A community portal is available for everything related to the Gramps project.
  • If you want to learn how to contribute to this wiki, you can learn all about it on the Wiki help.
  • If any questions remain, do not hesitate to contact us.
 Gramps 5.2.3 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.2.3, A new maintenance release.

  • Updated translations: da, de_AT, en_GB, es, fr, he, hr, hu, mk, nb, nl, pt_PT, ru, tr, zh_HK, zh_TW.
  • Fix bug with regular expressions in check_po script.
  • Update translation template for new release.
  • Corrected terminology. Replaced "matronymic" with "matrilineal" to accurately reflect genetic inheritance rather than naming conventions.
  • Clarified terminology for father lineage description. Changed "patronymic lineage" to "patrilineal lineage" for accuracy.
  • 10696: Fix PDF generation failure with LaTeX-based reports on Windows.
  • 13310: Fix fallback for the `image_size` utility function Use Gdk if the size of the image cannot be determined by imagesize.
  • Disable rounding glyph positions in cairo document generator.
  • Package Gramps 5.2.3 for macOS.
  • Fix NoteType values in CSV import.
  • 13307: Some short french month names can not be entered.
  • Remove detached process flag when running lualatex.
  • 10696: Check that pdf output file exists in genealogy tree reports.
  • 13282: Fix error when changing the style of misspelt words. In the note editor, changing the style of text failing the spell check caused an error.
  • Update span characters for zh_TW. Add span characters so that the new display format is accepted as a valid input format.
  • Restore BerkelyDB, Gramps still uses it.
  • Update gramps.modules:
    • Remove obsolete comment and comment out the private include.
    • Update the branch in gramps-git.
    • Remove BerkeleyDB and pybsddb dependencies.
    • Remove unused patches.
  • 1325213272: Fix missing media in narrative web report person pages.
  • 13274: Remove the spaces padding the connector in a hyphenated surname. This fixes the previous code which replaced " - " with "-" within the entire name.
  • 1321813197: Url-quote norm_path and use urljoin to attach the scheme. Assumes that if the path is already a URI it is also already quoted.
  • 13267: Prevent hyperlink tagging being added as an undo action. Clicking the undo button in the note editor sometimes had no noticeable effect.
  • 13258: Change repository "Title" to "Name" in the source editor.
  • Better error handling in the narrative web report.
  • 13216: Handle not found when creating the narrative web report updates page.
  • Add workflow for Debian build.
  • Package Gramps 5.2.2 for macOS.
  • Use for PyPI long description.
  • Fix Windows AIO build.

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 5.2.2 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.2.2, A new maintenance release.

  • Updated translations: cs, de, de_AT, es, fi, he, hr, nb, nl, pl, ru, sk, sv, tr.
  • 13251: Hebrew relationship calculator not loading.
  • 13207: Narweb: Person object has no get_father_handle.
  • Package Gramps 5.2.1 on macOS.
  • Restrict CI workflow to run on a single branch.
  • 13160: Don't show Navigation when we print a page.

See the Changelog.