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Linux Genealogy CD

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The Linux Genealogy Desktop CD 4.0 (Released: 2008-06-26)

This Live CD is based on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Desktop CD and, in addition to the regular Hardy, features pre-installed GRAMPS 3.0.1, GeneWeb, and LifeLines applications, as well as the GraphViz program to draw pretty graphs in GRAMPS. The CD is available only for the x86 architecture.

In addition to the Live Session, this disk also allows permanent installation of Linux and genealogical software on your computer's hard drive. This way you achieve adequate speed and the ability to save your data, and can do real work with your Linux software. Everything is similar to the Live Session, except that this is a permanent setup.

Obtaining the CD

The disk can be obtained via a number of ways:

  • Through SourceForge, from the usual GRAMPS download page
  • Centralized download. Thanks to the hosting opportunity donated to us, the CD images can be downloaded via http, ftp, or rsync (rsync://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/gramps/) protocols.
  • Purchase disks. An alternative to downloading the image is by purchasing the physical CDs. The CDs are currently available for purchase in Australia and the USA.