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One click install system for Linux.

What is Klik?

Klik is a one click install system for Linux. It works somewhat like the install process of Mac: every application has it's own directory, with all dependencies built in. This doubles information but brings some great advantages:

  • installation locally of updated software, even if your distribution does not package the update. Eg. You can have firefox 2.0 running on Ubuntu Dapper Drake (for which you would do a manual install: download, extract, run), with only one click.
  • installation without influencing the main packages
  • deletion corresponds to deleting one file, leaving all configuration files and

More information: Klik wiki

GRAMPS installation with Klik

Is your distribution Klikable?

The Klik client must be installed on your system. You can get it from http://klik.atekon.de, see also http://klik.atekon.de/wiki/index.php/How_to_use_klik.

In the official Klik system, unsupported GRAMPS 1.0.11 is available. This is a version of GRAMPS which the developers no longer support, as GRAMPS 2.2.x series is already available for quite some time. However, 2.2.6 is available.

Installing GRAMPS

Once klik is installed, it is available as a protocol to Konqueror (KDE) or Firefox. So the standard klik version of gramps can be installed by typing in the adres bar of your browser klik://gramps. This will at the time being install gramps 1.0.11, see http://gramps.klik.atekon.de/

To obtain GRAMPS 2.2.6, type:


This is possible because 2.2.6 is in Debian unstable, and LSB target gets it's packages from unstable.

THIS IS NOT WORKING ON MY SETUP AT THE TIME OF WRITING I'm in contact with the developers of klik to understand why. Feel free to try it on your system.