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Why we need help

We have become victims of our own success. Over the past couple of years, GRAMPS has grown to thousands of users. Demands for support and enhancements are increasing each day. Unfortunately, the development team had not grown in the same manner. This year, over 90% of all commits have been done by five people.

Forward progress on the project is slowing due to the increasing support load. In order to continue to support the needs of the community, we need additional support.

What you can do to help

Below is a list of programming tasks that we need to have accomplished. If you can help, please let us know.

Open Document format support
Write a document generator backend for the Open Document format, which is being adopted by, AbiWord, and KWord.
Report enhancements
Several of the existing reports need to be enhanced. We have three separate Ancestor reports, all of which are similar, but not quite complete. Each report we have now needs to be enhanced and cleaned up.
Enhanced LaTeX support
Right now our LaTeX support is a bit weak, and does not properly handle then Unicode character set.
Improved GEDCOM import and export
It seems that no matter how hard we work at it, there is something that always needs to be improved.
Resolving bug reports
Bug reports arrive all the time, often several a day. Resolving bug reports is a major way in which you can help the team to be able to spend more time enhancing the system.

But what if I don't know how to program?

Even if you don't know how to program, you can still help out with the project. You can:

Develop database test cases
We need sample databases that handle all the features of the program.
Help with interface testing
Either testing the interface by hand, or help writing dogtail tests for automated testing.
Develop tutorials
The vnc2swf program can be used to create screen movies that could be used to show people how to perform different tasks.
Provide a translation
GRAMPS supports many langauges, but the more languages we support, the more we serve our community.
Package the program for a distribution
Installing GRAMPS from source code is more than most new users can handle. If you can provide a package for your system, it will make it easier for new users to starting using GRAMPS.
Write documentation
If you have writing skill, we could use your help in improving the User's Manual.
Participate on the mailing lists
If the user's of the community can work to answer each other's questions, it can significantly reduce the load on the developers.
Help on the wiki
As a user of GRAMPS, you will gain knowledge of the reports, how they work, and how they can be made better. Help out to expand and improve this wiki site with any information that will make it more useful.