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Installing Gramps on the ASUS Eee PC 4G

First follow the suggestions in

  • get connected
  • back-up simpleui.rc
  • install SublimePorte's Launcher Tools
  • download Derred's - remember where you saved it
    • run it - sh path to file/
    • chose 4 to enable extra software repositories and create a preferences file reducing the liklihood of updating files from the wrong repository.

Then, in a terminal window, sudo apt-get install gramps to install the Gramps 2.2.3-1 package. This is not the latest version but it will install the all necessary support software along with Gramps. I did it from a terminal because I couldn't access the OK button in Synaptic's pop-up window.[*]

Use SublimePorte's Launch Tools to add a Gramps lanucher to the simple interface tab of your choice. The path to the executable is: /usr/bin/gramps.

If you would like to run the latest stable Gramps download gramps_2.2.10-1_all.deb package from Navigate to the downloaded file, right click it and chose Install DEB file. This will update the version that you previously installed. This WILL NOT substitute for apt-get's package installation.

I've uploaded some screenshots from Gramps running on the Eee PC to

Dave Rowell - 1 Mar 2008

[*] Hold down Alt-Left-Mouse and you can move the window up with the mouse so that the buttons become accessible. Too late for you now but good to know. Richard Hollands - 16 June 2008