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Remember that most images you find on the Web are not public domain, even if they list no explicit copyright information. Images only qualify as being in the public domain if they fall under certain specific categories — very old works, works by certain government employees, and works where an explicit disclaimer of copyright has been made in writing by the author.

For a simple chart on US Public Domain regulations (Wikipedia servers are located in the US and fall under US guidelines) see the chart here.


  • {{PD-old}} — for works out of copyright where the author has been dead for over 100 years.
  • {{PD-ineligible}} — for works which are common property (eg flags, ...)


These tags are used for an author to attempt to release their work into the public domain, disclaiming any copyright.

  • {{PD-self}} — a statement intended to release a contributor's own work into public domain


If the given options are not satisfactory for the image you want to upload, consider adding a template. You can get inspiration from Wikipedia