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One of the many available Addons for Gramps 3.3

This page describes gramps-tweet, an Addon mashup between Gramps and Twitter.

You can download the gramps-tweet application from


The Gramps-Twitter Addon allows you to tweet information about your family tree to friends and family.

Instructions for Use

Before using, you must enter your Twitter username and password.

Queries from Tweets

Once running, the gramplet will listen to all tweets from everyone, and respond to any tweet in this format:

#genealogy Research <SURNAME> in <LOCATION>

For example:

#genealogy Researching Russell in UT
#genealogy Researching Morris in FL

The first tweet will cause Gramps to search through its database, looking for the surname "Russell", with the string "UT" in the place fields. Likewise, the second tweet will look for surname "Morris" in "FL".

Data entry from Tweets

As another example of what you can do with this gramplet, in this case you can take a tweet and have it put information into your database. It listens for any tweet of the form:

# genealogy Note <NOTEID> <MESSAGE>

For example:

#genealogy Note N0002 Remember to visit Crown Hill Cemetery on visit to Indianapolis in March

The message will be appended onto note N0002.

NOTE: tweets can be seen by all people, so this is in no way private information. You could encrypt the message if you wanted.