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Work in progress. Be patient. All comments are welcomed. I'm not a native english writer, so I surely do mistakes.

For the moment, I try to get all we need to understand and test GeoView.

Why GeoView ?

Why ? I would like to see my ancestors all around the world. Not sufficient, I would like to see my ancestors moving with time.

The html kits

We can use webkit or gtkmozembed to view html pages. If no one is installed, you'll never see GeoView. If the two kits are installed, webkit will be used.


It's the future. Be aware, WebKit is always in development. I already test this with segmentation fault, ...

Gecko ( GtkMozEmbed )

There will be no more development for html 5 with gtkmozembed. So gtkmozembed will be abandonned in the future.

How to get the html kits ?

The maps providers