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This page is for a description of the design to create a relationship type - event type link for use in reports.


The basis for this GEPS is bug 1121 and this mail discussion.

The problem is the following: a family has a relationship type, and a set of events. For reports one needs to know what to print. Examples:

  • A family with relationship Unmarried and a Marriage event ?
  • A family with relationship married and a Marriage and Divorce event ?
  • A family with relationship Unmarried and no events?
  • A family with relationship civil union, how to indicate begin and end of this union ?


The general built in solution would be the following:

5 relationship types

GRAMPS is given 5 standard relationship types, as opposed to the present four:

  1. Married : any religeous union
  2. Civil Union: any civil legal union
  3. Living Together: people living together without religeous or legal union
  4. Unmarried: a family with no bond whatsoever (for bastard children, ...)
  5. Unknown : Unknown

This means one new custom type is added to make the difference between Unmarried living together and Unmarried living apart.

Relationship -- standard event coupling