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Broadway Gtk3 backend

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The GDK Broadway backend provides support for displaying GTK+ applications in a web browser, using HTML5 and web sockets.

To run your application in this way, select the Broadway backend by setting GDK_BACKEND=broadway. Then you can make your application appear in a web browser by pointing it at Note that you need to enable web sockets in your web browser.

Broadway GDK backend allows multiple GTK+ applications to display their windows in the same web browser, by connecting to a Broadway display server.



In a terminal, run:


In another terminal, run:


Finally, open you Web browser and go to:


The UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 is only useful if you use the global-menu and/or overlay-scrollbars. You have to disable them for Broadway, otherwise the program will segfault.

Please see the "broadwayd" manpage for more information.

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