Brief introduction to SVN

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The development source of GRAMPS is stored in the SVN repository. This helps synchronizing changes from various developers, tracking changes, managing releases, etc. If you are reading this, you probably want to do just two things with SVN: download latest source or the development version, or upload your changes.

Stable version 2.2.x

  • To download the source, you can use two methods to access the the SVN repository:
  1. An http frontend to gramps SVN
  2. SVN access
  • To upload your changes, you have to have developer access.

The second method requires that svn be installed on your system. With the SVN method, type the following in the command line:

svn co

You should see the downloading progress reported in your terminal. If you would like to update your source tree after some time, execute the commandsvn update in the top directory of the source tree. To commit your changes, you can execute:

svn commit

Since uploading is a potentially dangerous operation, you have to explicitly obtain a write access to the SVN repository from Don Allingham or Alex Roitman.

Unstable development version 2.3

As of 02 Feb 2007, a development version has been created. To grab a copy:

svn co